This year’s Night at the Institute of Aviation ended with another attendance record. Over the course of six hours, more than 37 thousand people went through the gateway of the Institute of Aviation.

The event was highly popular among the inhabitants of Warsaw and neighboring areas. The attractions drew in aviation enthusiasts, as well as experts connected with the industry. Despite a slight chill in the air, there was plenty of people willing to explore and to marvel at the beautifully lit machines and laboratories of the Institute.

As every year, the aircraft and helicopters enjoyed great interest. Especially for the guests of the Night at the Institute of Aviation the government version of the Mi-8 helicopter flew in, allowing each visitor a look inside. Aviation enthusiasts could also look inside the “Sokół” helicopter, a helicopter of the Aerial Emergency Services, the “Bryza” transport aircraft, or to sit behind the wheel of the MiG-29 jet fighter. Planes belonging to the Warsaw Aeroclub, the White and Red Wings Foundation, Salt Air, Silvair and the historical aircraft of Enterair and of Jacek Mainka provided a beautiful background for an evening photo session with the visitors. And for the visitors who had decided to visit the Institute at the very beginning of the event, there was an unexpected attraction – the sight of the majestic CASA rolling in from the airport to the designated spot at the exhibition area.

The Institute of Aviation also invited visitors to its wind tunnels, laboratories and research centers. It was an opportunity to get acquainted with the Institute’s R&D activities and to ask engineers questions. Airplane engines, the robot for composite banding, the rocket engines lab, the “Bursztyn” rocket, a tent with UAVs and a Martian station were the most popular.

One of the many novelties during this year’s event was Poland’s first hackathon on the Predix 2.0 platformorganized by the Engineering Design Center. There were nearly 30 participants divided into several teams. The event, as the only one of the Night, lasted until Saturday afternoon, when the winners were chosen. The best way to deal with the challenge was proposed by the Avio Poland team which received the prize in the form of Lego Mindstorms creative sets.

Leading research centers, aerospace companies and students’ scientific circles also provided  numerous attractions to the Night. Along the main alley, in the side streets and parking lots, dozens of tents were set up, in which the event partners presented primarily scientific and commercial activities. The visitors had an opportunity to turn on an installation needed to inflame the balloon, take a photo in front of the car in the colors of the most famous Polish squadron, take a close look at vehicles from the nearby airport designed for maintaining the runway surface, or to witness a blood-chilling road rescue show.

Additionally, scientists, pilots, experts and aviation photographers shared their knowledge with the guests. Throughout the event, numerous lectures and presentations were held. Researchers from the Institute of Aviation concentrated on the topics such as: space probes, Mars and space technologies. Apart from the lectures, the guests could listen to presentations of pilots and aviation photographers.

The event was enriched by numerous photo exhibitions, meetings with authors and film screenings. The official end was marked by the “Polish Aviators Night” after-party, which hosted numerous visitors of the Institute of Aviation.

The full list of partners supporting the event is available on the official website.

8th Night of the Institute of Aviation – gallery 1

8th Night of the Institute of Aviation – gallery 2

8th Night of the Institute of Aviation – gallery 3

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