The aim of the project is to steer the research work being carried in the aviation sector into areas that are or will be a decisive driver improving the competitive position of the Polish economy with particular focus on the Aviation Valley Association (SGPPL Dolina Lotnicza).

This goal is compliant with the main objective of OPIE “The development of Polish economy by way of implementing innovative projects.” The technological solutions that will be developed through the execution of the project will facilitate the development and expansion of Polish aviation companies, increasing their level of innovation, thus leading to the development of the Polish economy both on the regional and national scale. The implementation of the results obtained through the project will also help promote employment of highly skilled and qualified technical workers both in the area of R&D and production. The rapid technical growth of the scientific facilities (including the scientific and research infrastructure) on the highest international level enables the conduct of highly advanced scientific research serving the transfer of knowledge to the aerospace industry.

The performance of tasks in the joint project harnessing the individual achievements and competences of partners enables the development and implementation of innovative solutions along with the modernisation of the existing technical infrastructure and their conditions, facilitating competitiveness among industrial and scientific and research enterprises. The programmes and their outcomes thanks to their unique links with industry will rationalise and increase the efficiency of public fund deployment dedicated to science. The project is a joint venture of the Centre of Advanced Technologies AERONET Aviation Valley.

The project was submitted in the “Funds and Science” contest in the “Commercialisation of Research” category. Further details on the contest can be found here.

The project coordinator is the Technical University of Rzeszów and involves the following consortium partners: Lublin Technical University, Silesian University of Technology, Częstochowa University of Technology, Łódź University of Technology, Warsaw University of Technology, Institute of Fundamental Technological Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Aviation, Institute of Fluid Flow Machinery of the Polish Academy of Sciences, University of Rzeszów, and Air Force Institute of Technology.

The Institute of Aviation is participating in the performance of the following research tasks:
Z7. Shaping of magnesium alloys (precision forging, pressing, extrusion, etc.)
Z9. Metallic composite materials in aerospace applications (including materials like Glare)
Z14. Intelligent materials – and smart embedded systems for aerospace use

The Operational Programme Innovative Economy
Priority 1. Research and development of modern technologies
Measure 1.1. Support for scientific research for establishment of a knowledge-based economy
Sub-measure 1.1.2. Strategic programmes of scientific research and development works
Project Manager: dr Jerzy Żółtak


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