On 6th February at the Institute of Aviation was held a meeting with the representatives of the Polish charter airline Enter Air. In the meeting participated the Enter Air President – Grzegorz Polaniecki and member of the Board Technical Director Mariusz Olechno.

The meeting aimed at featuring a presentation prepared by the Aircraft Propulsion Division’ researchers. The Institute’s experts have presented analysis results of  fuel consumption, as well as nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide emission during  various phases of the flight of the Boeings 737-400 and 737-800 which are operated by Enter Air.

The purpose of the presentation was to show the possibilities of the Institute on the aircraft flight data analysis and proposal for cooperation between the Instiute of Aviation and Enter Air.

In the meeting Director  of the Institute of Aviation – Prof. Witold Wiśniowski, , PhD. Eng., D.Sc.Eng. has taken part.

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