Between 11th and 12th of July 2011 RASTAS SPEAR project’s meeting was held at the Institute of Aviation. Main topic of the meeting was “Radiation-Shapes-Thermal Protection Invstigations for high Speed Earth Re-entry”. The main objective of the RASTAS SPEAR project is to increase Europe’s knowledge in high speed re-entry vehicle technology to allow for planetary exploration missions in the coming decades. This will be accomplished by the study and development of innovative, critical technologies which will lead to an increase in knowledge and a reduction of uncertainties and margins used in the design of sample return vehicles. As a result the Technology Readiness Level for high speed re-entry will be increased. The outcome of the project is a European capacity to design lightweight sample return capsules at a considerable lower cost and all this in line (schedule and techniques) with the ESA MSR and Cosmic Vision Programs. For more information visit official page of the project.

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