On November 25-26, 2019, the Association of Employers Polish Clusters with the support of the International Visegrad Fund organized in Bielsko-Biała a conference: “Building Bridges in V4 Aviation Community”.

This is the first meeting of cluster organizations intended for the aviation industry of the V4 Region. The main purpose of the meeting was to establish and strengthen cooperation between representatives of the V4 countries operating in the aviation industry.

As part of the conference, seven thematic panels were held, in which representatives of major institutions and companies were invited to participate.

Sylwester Wyka, deputy CEO of Łukasiewicz-ILOT was invited to participate in the panels: “Drones as a new branch of the aviation industry” and “Possibilities of implementing joint aviation projects by the industries of the Visegrad Group countries”.

In one of his speeches, Director Wyka emphasized that Poland has extensive experience and technical as well as technological achievements in the unmanned industry, which should be further developed: “What is important now is to focus on making these systems as autonomous and maintenance-free as possible.”

As the event organizers indicate – the aviation industry is one of the most global types of economic activity. Global competition is set by the main international players, and at the same time in small and medium-sized enterprises, which must organize themselves into larger groups to create a joint offer for large partners. Agreements concluded by aircraft manufacturers are often of a cross-border nature.

Krzysztof Krystowski, president of the Silesian Aviation Cluster and the Association of Employers Polish Clusters emphasizes: “There are already initiatives involving international cooperation and preparation of personnel for the aviation industry – the Visegrad Group countries, whose cultural and geographical proximity predestines such activities, should develop a similar path of cooperation.”

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