Natalia Zalewska, PhD, a specialist in the field of geological exploration on Mars, represented the Institute of Aviation at the worldwide, prestigious conference for teachers. The second edition of the event took place on 26th October in Warsaw.

Campus Seminar is an event of international scope, which at the same time takes place in Finland, the Netherlands, Sweden, Lithuania and Poland. The speakers of the conference are prominent experts, scientists and journalists who inspire listeners to search independently for answers to the most important questions of today’s world.

This year, Natalia Zalewska, PhD, a participant of the Polish edition, gave a presentation: “What’s next with Mars? Research, plans and hopes”. The speaker presented the history of water search on Mars. She looked closer at the scientific hypotheses on the origin of channels and Valles Marineris canyons on Mars and talked about other geological discoveries suggesting the presence of water, delivered by space probes and rovers.

Natalia Zalewska, PhD, is a specialist in the field of geological exploration of Mars, conducted on the basis of the research satellites: Mars Express and Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. In 2005 she took part in the analogue mission on this planet, organized by the Mars Society, which took place at the Martian base in desert in Utah. At the Institute of Aviation she is carrying out the project: “Geology of the oldest Martian craters from the Late Heavy Bombardment period based on spectrophotometric data from the Mars Express and the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter and comparative analysis with the oldest terrestrial impact craters on the basis of satellite images”.

The whole lecture by Natalia Zalewska, PhD, is available at this link(from 3:42:00, only in Polish).

For more information visit the Campus Seminar website.

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