We are pleased to introduce you to the latest book published by the Institute of Aviation, the English version of the publication “Marketing of Schientific and Research Organizations”, edited by Dr. Eng. Witold Wiśniowski, inspired by the European Forum “Marketing of Scientific and Research Orfanizations”, held in November 2012. Book in Polish is available for several months. Marketing is a dynamically changing sphere of life of organizations, also of scientific and research institutions. Many new ideas, trends and solutions in the sphere of marketing, which show its new role, have appeared. More and more often it becomes the domain of whole organizations and not just specia­lized departments. New tools, new needs, the necessity of dialogue with the recipients require constant analysis and evaluation of strategy and marketing programs. Marketing in scientific and research insti­tutions which up till now has been neglected, now has to make up for the lost time. It is apparent that the sector is very interested in using the possibilities associated with marketing for the purpose of raising the ability to compete on a developing, global market.

The authors of texts – researchers from universities as well as marketing, social communication, brand­-building, media promotion specialists and experts in other areas of marketing knowledge have contri­buted to the creation of a coherent work combining two areas of marketing: concepts of running market activities by companies with the characteristics of an institution and entities which limit their activities to the sphere of research and science. Many scientific and research institutions are still undergoing a hard process of adapting to the system of market economy. Very dynamic development of knowledge about marketing should help them in the process. Unfortunately, the specific character of services provided by research and scientific institutions and the limited group of their recipients makes it hard to find knowledge from the area of marketing corresponding to the needs of these entities. This publication contains not only the latest results of research concerning marketing and techniques of applying it, but also practical references to reality and the characteristics of scientific and research institutions.

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