After 13 years of service, Magdalena Nizik, the chairman of the board at General Electric Company Poland bids farewell with one of the largest companies in technology industry in Poland. The next challenge undertaken by the outgoing chairman will be to manage the new company involved in the precision casting. Magdalena Nizik will be replaced by Marian Lubieniecki from GE Oil&Gas and a member of the Scientific Board of the Institute of Aviation.

The undeniable merit of Magdalena Nizik is the development of fruitful cooperation between Institute of Aviation and General Electric Company Poland. In 2011 she was awarded the Silver Medal of Merit for her contribution to the development of Polish technological base  and in 2016, on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the Institute of Aviation, she was distinguished by the President of the Republic of Poland with the Gold Medal of Merit for building an effective public-private partnership in the technology industry in Poland. Over the years she actively supported the Institute of Aviation at international conferences devoted to Polish-American cooperation in technology.

Thanks to the cooperation between the two institutions new laboratories, in which Polish engineers are involved in major projects for the airline industry and related industries, have been opened. This is due to Magdalena Nizik.

Magdalena Nizik is a graduate of the National Louis University, a member of the ACCA global body for professional accountants. In her professional career she worked for Aegis and KPMG. In 2003 she became the financial director at the General Electric Company Poland and subsequently in 2006 she was promoted for the position of the chairman of the board at GECP and the managing director at the GE Engineering Design Center.

She was voted the businesswoman of the year 2012 in the survey of economic newspaper “Puls Biznesu”. Together with the director of the Institute of Aviation she signed a joining declaration of the General Electric Company Poland to the Diversity Charter. She actively supports women on engineering and managing positions.

The whole community of the Institute of Aviation want to thank for all of these years of our cooperation – for the support, personal commitment and warm feelings showed to all our employees at any time. Thank you and wish you success!

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