ŁUKASIEWICZ – Institute of Aviation together with its partners provides protective visors for doctors and nurses made in CNC and 3D technology. According to the latest data, the assistance has already reached over 50 hospitals and medical facilities in 11 provinces. In total, ŁUKASIEWICZ – Institute of Aviation has produced 10,000 MK4.1 helmets, 780 MK2 and 330 MK1 helmets.

The production of  visors could not have started  so quickly without the help of many entities. The Institute’s strategic partner – General Electric Company Polska Sp. Z o. O.  provided its equipement for 3D printing. Free of charge materials for the production of  visors were also provided by: ŁUKASIEWICZ – Institute of Engineering of Polymer Materials and Dyes from Toruń and the companies Hanex, Ergis and KOLBUD Sp. z oo.

The teams of engineers ŁUKASIEWICZ – Institute of Aviation are currently working in two shifts to meet the growing demand of hospitals from all over Poland. Apart from visors, adapters for 3M masks are also manufactured here . Work has also  started on prototypes of fast ventilators.

Information on aid beneficiaries and all activities undertaken by the Institute is updated on a subpage created especially for this purpose:  www.ilot.edu.pl/coronavirus. 

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