We invite you to participate in a conference organized jointly by the Foundation for the Support of Polish Astronautics and the Space Research Centre of the Polish Academy of Sciences – “Poland in space yesterday, today and tomorrow”, which will take place on 13-14th November 2014 at the Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw.

The conference organizers invite to give a lecture or prepare a presentation with a duration of no more than twenty minutes, which will cover topic of one of the five sessions:

• “The participation of Poland in remote sensing research”

• “Poland and the European space strategy. Opportunities and challenges”.

• “Student projects”

• “Polish space sector – challenges”

• “Amateur initiatives and forms of their financing”

Scientists, engineers, representatives of business, government, associations and organizations involved in the space sector will talk about the condition and the future of the Polish space sector.

The summary of the conference will be a discussion panel “The Government – Administration – NGO – Business – Science – opportunities for cooperation and the search strategy” with the participation of specialists and experts of the space sector in Poland.

More information about the conference at: www.polskawkosmosie.org (only in Polish).

Detailed information will provide:

Marcin Mazur

Fundation for the Support of Polish Astronautics

Mobile: +48 607 473 192

E-mail: mazur02@gmail.com

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