On 22-24 June 2014 Institute of Aviation held an International Workshop on Detonation for Propulsion that gathered representatives of research institutions.

The workshop is the meeting place for scientists from around the world dealing with the use of detonation in engines.

This year’s workshop was an opportunity to summarize four years of works carried out within the project “Turbine engine with detonation chamber”.

The aim of the project is to develop a new, unique solution for turbojet engine equipped with a detonation combustion chamber that uses the effect of rotating detonation. The project manager is Professor Piotr Wolański.

The speeches have covered following topics:
• new concepts in detonative propulsion from sub-component to system levels,
• experimental techniques for detonation in propulsion,
• new findings in detonation physics from experimental and theoretical studies,
• the analytical and computational methods of detonation analysis.

Presentations were prepared by: Christopher Stevens (USAF), Francois Falempin (MBDA), Kailas Kailasanatha (Naval Research Laboratory), Jiro Kasahara (Nagoya University), Dimitri Davidenko (ONERA), Arthur Rowinski (Institute of Aviation), Jan Kindracki (Warsaw University of Technology) Qiu Hua (Northwestern Polytechnic University), Wang Jian-Ping (Beijing University), Jiun-Ming (National University of Singapore), Khoo Boo Cheong (National University of Singapore), Takuma Endo (Hiroshima Universty), Wakita Masashi (Hokkaido University), Zhiwu Wang (Northwestern Polytechnic University).

During the event guests of the workshop visited Institute of Aviation and went on a short trip around Warsaw.

The organizers of this year’s workshop were: Professor Piotr Wolański and M.Sc. Piotr Kalina – Manager of Propulsion Laboratory, Institute of Aviation.

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