September 14, 2012 in Łódź will be held a conference entitled “Ecological aspects of the impact on the environment and human health of large investments – risk analysis.” The conference will be attended by, inter alia, a researcher from the Institute of Aviation in Warsaw Mrs. Marta Rojek. The speaker specializing in the study of noise will give a lecture titled “Noise Air-assessment of risks and methods to reduce the burden.” Aircraft noise is considered as an element of environmental pollution, due to its negative effect on living organisms. With the development of air transport increases the area exposed to excessive noise, and thus the number of people and animals that are under its influence. Therefore, the study and search for a solution of the problem of the kind of noise emissions has become a very important part of efforts to protect the environment.

The organizers of the conference are: RP Green and The Green Party of the Republic of Poland, the Foundation for Environmental Education and Sustainable Development.

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