The Institute of Aviation is taking part in the Siemens GO PLM program dedicated for academic centers. The NX software obtained under this grant allows the development of engineering staff in the field of space industry, in particular rocket technologies.

In each quarter, the Siemens GO PLM program  grants NX software to qualified academic institutions. The grant covers the provision of software for a designated period along with training materials.

The NX software is used by apprentices in the Space Technologies Department at the Institute of Aviation for project work in conducted grants as part of cooperation with ESA and the EU in the Horizon 2020 program.

Siemens software allows trainees to deepen their knowledge in the field of rocket engine and launcher design.

Every year, more than 20 students from Polish technical universities and students from the Ohio State University, with which the Institute of Aviation conducts scientific cooperation, are admitted for apprenticeship at the Space Technologies Department.

More about the GO PLM program:

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