The RWL-750M radio altimeter, developed and produced at the Institute of Aviation, has been implemented in a modernized version of the PZL W3-WA Sokół helicopter used by the Polish Navy. This is the first of five sets of radio altimeters with a range of 1000ft equipped with an AA-E6 electronic block and two AA-W6 indicators used in this type of helicopter.

The RWL-750M radio altimeter is a miniature onboard radar that provides measurement of the current altitude.

The Institute of Aviation produces radio altimeters for different ranges of altitude ranging from 1000ft to 2500ft. In addition to the PZL W3-WA Sokół helicopters,  RWL-750M radio altimeters are also being used in M28B and M28B / PT (Glass-Cockpit) aircraft.

Photo credit: Marian Kluczyński

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