A team of researchers from the Laboratory of Space Technologies of the Institute of Aviation will participate in the project Pulcher (Pulsed Chemical Rocket with Green High Performance Propellants). The project is one of the projects implemented under the 7th EU Framework Programme in the module  SPACE.

Key goals and associated challenges are:

•Accessing space – new concepts for low orbital flight and beyond, and subsequent reentry, allowing also for re-usable vehicles, employing new thermal shielding and propulsion concepts and low risk return strategies, docking concepts, small satellites for demonstration of critical and disruptive technologies,

•Remain active in space,

•Protection against the hazards of space,

•Providing a base beyond earth.

Team of the Space Technology Laboratory Ilot will be involved in developing and implementing the use of efficient rocket fuel oxidizer, which is formulated in the laboratory PTK – hydrogen peroxide 98%, HTP class.

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