Institute of Aviation organized the Small Aircraft Transportation in the Future – Roadmap ILA Conference that took place at ILA Berlin Air Show, in Germany, on 13th September 2012.  At the conference SAT-Rdmp were presendet project results, including findings on the market potential, aircraft specifications, potential research topics and the research roadmap.

Main topics discussed during the conference were:

  • Common Vision for Small Aircraft Transport mode for inter-regional mobility responding to Flight Path 2050 challenges (90% d2d 4h).
  • Small Air Transport Research and Development Roadmap.
  • Small Aircraft Big Challenge and the need for RTD and demonstration as input to Clean Sky 2 and Horizon 2020.

Mr Krzysztof Piwek from the Institute of Aviation is the SAT-Rdmp Project Coordinator.

More about ILA Berlin Air Show 2012 here

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