On 7th of July, 2010 in Luebbenau (Germany) International Forum for Aviation Research (IFAR) was called into being. Institute of Aviation, which is representing Poland in IFAR’s structures, played relevant role in its calling.

The idea of IFAR was born at the Berlin Summit 2008 where key leaders of 12 international aeronautical research organizations met to address the question of the Air Transport of the Future in the context of climate change.

At present IFAR connects and represents leading worldwide aerospace research organizations and reacts to political, economic and public demands as an independent advisor. IFAR aims on focusing global research topics such as climate change, noise, efficient operations, security, safety, by the development of an International Aviation Road Map based on scientific and engineering competence. Important aim of IFAR is to cope challenges of the Advisory Council for Aeronautics Research In Europe (ACARE) such as necessity of the quality improvement and air transportation accessibility increase, safety, natural environment care. All of which were stated in ACARE’s documents (Strategic Research Agenda and Vision 2020).

On the meeting between 6th and 7th of July which was convoked by Prof. Joachim Szodruch (co-president of the ACARE council) were scientists from all over the world (among others: France, Germany, UK, USA, Japan, China, Russia). Institute of Aviation was represented by its Director Wojciech Wiśniowski and Prof. Marian Jeż. Key topics of the meeting were:

  • Exchange on Aeronautics research in the current economic and political context,
  • Impact of the CO2, NOx and other pollutants emission on climate change,
  • Challenges by Aviation,
  • Safety improvements.

The Institute of Aviation treated topics as follows:

  • General Aviation development,
  • Materials research,
  • Selected space technology topics.
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