October 25, 2012, in Warsaw held a meeting organized by the Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association on the cooperation of its members with representatives of the world of science. The meeting was attended by manufacturers of components used in the production of cars and 4 research units: the Institute of Road Transport, Warsaw University of Technology Transfer Center of Innovation, the Institute of Electron Technology and the Institute of Aviation in Warsaw, represented by Dr. Grzegorz Socha from the Centre for Research of Materials and Structures.

Automotive companies presented information about condition of their business. Representatives of research institutes presented their offers in research and development of technologies for companies in the automotive industry. Participants of the meeting discussed the possibilities of cooperation, knowledge transfer to Polish companies from the EU and to get funding projects.

SPCM submitted a project to organize meetings with representatives of research institutes that have the appropriate technologies, materials, etc. for groups of companies that combines the product or used technology . During the meetings, producers will present their technical and technological problems that will be able to become subjects of scientific and research projects at research institutions. Research organisations will present their offer: new materials, technologies, etc. Meetings will held at the universities and research institutes.

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