According to the agreement between the Director of the Institute of Aviation, Dr. Eng. Witold Wiśniowski and the dean of the Faculty of Power and Aeronautlical Engineering of the Warsaw University of Technology prof. Jerzy Banaszek began the work on the remote-controlled airship. The result of joint work, where the Ilot acts as adviser and a partial sponsor, will be flying object with camera in gondola for moving in sports halls or indoor stadiums. 
 Students gathered in Scientific Circle of Pilots have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the technology of making coatings which almost don’t let helium go thru, and put into practice the acquired knowledge of the designing of electric powertrains.
Knowledge of the automatic control of objects with high inertia is also required. Support of the Ilot specialists (many of them are graduates of MEiL), offers a good chance for correct and safe execution of the project.

On the picture the first attempts the balloon envelope assembly in the aula T1 of MEiL.

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