The aircraft flight stabilisation is being performed by the Flight Managements Systems, and that particular task by its part – autopilots. They are comparatively expensive and not all the aircrafts are equipped with them. However, most of the aircrafts, mainly the airplanes, are equipped with trimming surfaces. They are usually located at the primary flight control surfaces: elevator, rudder, and sometimes ailerons. During the performed investigations of the airplane flight control systems we have discovered, that at some cases there is a feasibility of flight stabilisation with the use of trimming surfaces. This is comparatively cheap solution and feasible to be mounted at the light airplanes of the General Aviation (GA) group. The airplane equipped with such device will be safer.

The aims of the project are: designing, constructing and testing of the light airplane flight stabilisation system, using trimmers for that purpose. Taking into consideration existing trends of extending the quantity and quality of GA, and also the future new rules for the aircraft flight performance in the European controlled aerospace, proposed system installed in the commonly used airplanes will substantially increase the flight safety and accessibility of such transportation devices for the users with the lowest acceptable level of professionalism.

The project is being performed together with the Airbus Poland S.A.

Project Leader: dr hab. inż. Cezary Szczepański
Phone: (+ 48) 22 846 00 11 ext. 683
E-mail: cezary.szczepanski[at]
Date: 2018-2021
Funding institution: NCBiR
Programme: ISSLOT


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