The project was executed within the INNOLOT sectoral programme, Main Demonstrator: Innovative propulsion system, ISN-A3 topic: Advanced techniques of producing a turbine propulsion system.

The INNOLOT programme was established within a partnership between the National Centre for Research and Development and Polish Aeronautical Technology Platform. The substantive project scope was defined in the form of a list of demonstrators of technology that were divided into three main categories (demonstrators).  The project aimed to develop innovative technologies and present them on the demonstrator level.

The compressor and power turbine in a turboshaft engine was modified within the project in order to increase their output, strength, and lifetime.  The project concerned the following issues: thermal barriers used on turbines, strength tests of the new composite material at elevated temperatures on nickel-based alloys, state-of-the-art coating methods, modern cutting methods and the impact of its parameters on the quality of the product, as well as creep and fatigue strength testing.

The outcome of the project was the development and construction of a turbine system and integrated new gas turbine technology for the turbine system. It was tested on an aircraft engine which enablea the assessment of the impact of the turbine parameters on engine performance.

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