On 24th January 2017 in the Engineering Design Center, which is a strategic alliance between the Institute of Aviation and General Electric, the Industry and Science Summit was held. The event was organized as part of the celebration of the first anniversary of the Gas Turbine Center, the 10th anniversary of GE Power and EDC cooperation and the 25 anniversary of GE in Poland. The Institute of Aviation with the General Electric Company Poland held patronage over the event.

Two series of individual presentations which were complemented by panel discussions allowed integration the world of industry, government and science.

The subject of the meeting included, among other things: creating innovative digital products of modern energy production which meet the needs of the market, specific activity in Europe and especially in Poland, both in terms of users and suppliers of technologies and services.

Guests from General Electric were: John Lammas, the Vice President of GE Gas Power Systems, Steve Hartman, the Vice President of GE Power Services and Beata Stelmach, the President of GE in Poland and the Baltic States. The state administration was represented by senior government officials, the scientific world – by professors of leading research centers, and industry and energy – by the members of management and supervisory boards.

The Gas Turbine Center (GTC) consists of engineers working in the sectors of gas turbine design and service, steam turbines and generators. High-tech equipment of the GTC allows simulation of the operation of turbines and maintenance operations. GTC is also a training center, which supports customers and product sales. It cooperates with technical universities and research institutions, and also is an excellent base for technical conferences and seminars. GTC is a recognized R&D center in the world,  related to, among others, the Department of Steam Turbine Production and Foundry in Elblag and the Department of Generators in Wrocław, as part of the GE Power in Poland.

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