On the 12th of April 2016, the Institute of Aviation had a pleasure to host the representatives of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Warsaw University Of Technology during a jointly organized scientific seminar. This event launched the series of future seminars which are planned to be held  together with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and also served as a starting point for future cooperation between the Institute of Aviation and the Faculty.

The delegation from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering was composed of the Dean – Professor Lech Grzesiak, Deputy Director for Scientific Affairs – Bartłomiej Ufnalski, Ph.D. as well as academics from the Institute of Electrical Machines and the Institute of Control and Industrial Electronics –Jan Szczypior, Ph.D., Arkadiusz Kaszewski, Ph.D. and Marek Michalczuk, M.Sc., who made presentations on, inter alia: hybrid energy storage in electrical vehicles, energy conversion systems or design of special electrical machines.

During this event, the Instiute of Aviation was actively represented by our young researchers – Anna Mazur, M.Sc., Borys Łukasik, M.Sc. and Krzysztof Błasik, M.Sc. who delivered presentations on the concept of constructing the electrical training jet, modelling and optimalization of electrical systems in hybrid propulsion systems as well as energy sources for flying vehicles.

In the future, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and the Institute of Aviation is planning to set up intensive cooperation within several areas, such as development of joint projects in the field of hybridization of engine propulsion, joint participation in national and EU research projects or establishment of interdisciplinary scientific and research teams.

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