Flight test of ILX-27

20 – 21 September 2012 on the testing ground in Zielonka near Warsaw have been  held tests in flight of unmanned helicopter – robot for the special missions ILX-27. The tests were successful. The helicopter is designed particulary for military use: exploration from the air, evacuation of soldiers from the risk area, transport supply, as a carrier of precision weapons. ILX-27 will be also very useful for many civilian applications, such as: actions in the area of natural disasters, monitoring of land development engineering facilities, bridges, railway junctions and communications, agricultural and railways and woodhlands. Helicopter was built by the Institute of Aviation in cooperation with the Air Force Institute of Technology and Military Aviation Works No. 1 J.S.C. Helicopter aroused great interest on the International Air Show ILA 2012 in Berlin, mainly due to its technical characteristics. Maximum take-off weight ILX-27 is 1100 kg. The helicopter can carry equipment weighing up to 300 kg and reach a top speed of 215 km / h! Its range is 441 km and a maximum ceiling 4 km.

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