Sunny weather, excellent moods and the first records – I Run of the Institute of Aviation is behind us!
On 19th October 2014, on Sunday, for the first time the Institute of Aviation organized the run on a distance of 5 km. The event gathered many aviation and running enthusiasts – a total of 400 people!

The run lead along the Institute of Aviation’s alleys – the runners had an opportunity to run next to the wind tunnel, the new building of the Center of Innovative Aeronautical and Space Technologies and the main avenue along which proudly presented the aircrafts: Bies, Iskra and Iryda. The undoubted attraction of the event was also the fact that it took place in the vicinity of the airport Okęcie. Participants had the opportunity to observe closely landing airplanes.

The run started at noon. The official starting signal gave the Director of the Institute of Aviation – prof. Witold Wiśniowski. Runners had to cover  three laps on the route traced among the many buildings of the Institute. Although the route was meandering, all participants stressed that this was an additional attraction for them. For those who managed to reach the finish line waited a commemorative medal with the engraved logo showing on the front – a runner, and on the back – a plane. Although all runners completed the run, the organizers awarded those who run in the shortest possible time.

The fastest runner turned out to be Kamil Jastrzębski from Kraśnik, who finished the run with a time of 15 minutes and 10 seconds. Thus, Kamil established the first record in our run.
Among women, the best result obtained Eve Chreścionko from Otwock, who completed its run in 18 minutes and 22 seconds.

In the category of the airline industry won: Radek Serwiński – a representative of the EDC Runners (18 minutes and 5 seconds) and Agata Pietraś from KB PLL LOT (21 minutes and 7 seconds).

Among the top students were: Paweł Biały from Kraśnik (16 minutes and 23 seconds) and Ewelina Szadkowska from Warsaw (22 minutes and 23 seconds).

After the main run started the event called “The Dwarf’s Run”. All the children who covered 100 meters themselves, or with the help of their parents, were awarded with medals.

Then came time for the decoration of the winners in each category. Trophies for the best runners were displayed on the wing of the white-blue Bies aircraft, standing next to the starting and finish line. The awards ceremony for the winners of the first, second and third place in the categories: open, airline industry and student was chaired by Witold Wiśniowski – the Director of the Institute of Aviation and Magdalena Nizik – CEO of General Electric Company Polska. The winners, apart from trophies, received also money bills to Decathlon stores.

The event ended up with the lottery among all participants of the run. The biggest excitement aroused the airline voucher for the amount of 1,000 zlotys. The lucky winner was Rafał Kryjak from the EDC Runners.

The organizers of this year’s run were: Engineering Design Center and the Institute of Aviation, in cooperation with the Pro-run Association of Wrocław.

The initiators of the race were: Michał Małecki and Karol Ziemiński, both from the EDC Health Ahead.

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