On 27th February at the Club of the Military University of Technology in Warsaw was held a ceremony of awarding an honorary doctorate to Professor Piotr Wolański, a member of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Aviation, an outstanding, internationally recognized researcher with a rich scientific output in the field of combustion engines, detonation and astrophysics. Professor Wolański has been working at the Institute of Aviation since 1993. He is a creator of the Propulsion Laboratory and a leader of the project: “Turbine engine with detonation chamber”.

The ceremony was began with the MUT Rector-Comendant gen. bryg. prof. Zygmunt Mierczyk welcoming speech to numerous representatives of the scientific community, the Ministry of Defense, parliamentary and local authorities, priesthood representatives and Professor Wolański’s family members.

Then, Professor Radosław Trębiński, Dean of the MUT  Faculty of Mechatronics and Aviation, whose Faculty Council adopted a resolution to support an application of granting the highest academic dignity to Professor Wolański, made a speech. Professor Trębiński expressed his appreciation for Professor Wolański’s achievements in the field of science and technology, mainly in space exploration.

A laudation on the scientific achievements of Professor Wolański delivered Professor Bogdan Zygmunt from the MUT Faculty of Mechatronics and Aviation.

In the speech, he stressed that “scientific achievements of Professor Piotr Wolański, measured in a global scale, his active life attitude that promotes the achievement of Polish science and the ability to inspire young people to make scientific work makes that it is the person who stands out in the Polish scientific community. The academic community of the Military University of Technology has a special reason to honour such a merited person with a friendly attitude towards University”.


Professor Wolański is a twentieth laureate who was awarded an honorary doctorate by the Military University of Technology.

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