“History of the helicopter” – the latest book by Ryszard Witkowski on sale now


The Scientific Publication Division have just published the latest book of the doyen of Polish helicopter pilots – Ryszard Witkowski. “History of the helicopter” is the first factual monograph presenting the idea of ​​rotorcraft from the beginning to modern times.

Despite its historical accuracy, the book is written in a very engaging way. Witkowski guides us through the history of European pioneers, and fully illustrates the contribution of Americans and Russians. Of course, there is also a Polish strand.

Due to the fullness and regularity of the study, “The history of the helicopter” should be in every aviation library. Numerous illustrations, many unknown facts, sometimes sensational ones – all this makes the book  “from cover to cover” read.

The book is now available in our online shop. Feel free to read!


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