We would like to invite to HESOFF project seminars which will take place in April 2014.

Presentation topics:

  • Study of chemical composition of the atmosphere against analysis of multispectral images – Anna Mazur, 04.04.2014, 12:00 – canceled,
  • Modeling of radio coverage for mobile platforms; Optimal radio-link parameters – Paweł Czapski, 08.04.2014, 12:00,
  • Satellite imaging radar for Earth remote sensing – Paweł Wajer (Space Research Centre, Polish Academy of Sciences), 15.04.2014, 12:00,
  • Principial component analysis –  statistical method of factor analysis for determining main sources of data sets variations –  Jan Kotlarz, 06.05.2014, 12:00.

Seminars are held in Hall B in the building “B” at the Institute of Aviation.

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