As part of the nationwide “Pomagam Pomagać” (I help to help) project, a team of engineers from the Center of Transport and Energy Conversion invites you to fill in a survey that will help to improve the ‘Hania’ walker – to develop new features, reduce costs and optimize exercises. Visit the official website: The action lasts until August 6, 2017.

“Pomagam Pomagać” is a nationwide action aimed at gathering opinions of future users of ‘Hania’ walker  – an appliance for verticalisation and lower limb exercises developed at the Institute of Aviation in Warsaw.

The idea of the walker was inspired by six-year-old Hania, suffering from Rett syndrome, whose name was given to our walker. The purpose of the action is to reach a wide audience and to enable others to use our vehicle.

Having in mind very high market prices, we want to create a widely available alternative that the average Polish user will be able to afford. The domestic product would meet the current needs of the market but, first, we want to get to know the needs and perspectives of the future users so that our solution optimally suits to their needs.

We would like to ask people with disabilities as well as their caregivers, rehabilitators, the medical community and representatives of foundations to answer the questionnaire. There are two forms available: for individuals and organizations.

‘Hania’ walker is designed for children, but the new version will also meet the needs of adults.

We invite you to visit website. You can also follow the walker on Facebook at

The official hashtag of the action is: #PomagamPomagać.

We also invite you to watch the video recording promoting the “Pomagam Pomagać” action.

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