Dr. Eng. Grzegorz Rarata from the Institute of Aviation started a scientific internship at the american Stanford University. Our collegue earned the second highest number of points on the list of persons admitted to the second edition of the “Top 500 Innovators”. Prof. Piotr Moncarz is the tutor of the polish group.

In the second edition of the project 80 scientists and managers of innovation go to the best research centers of the world, to learn how to implement results of their researches into the practice. During the two-month internship participants of the project will take part in trainigs in the cooperation between science and industry, research management and commercialization of their results. Participants have also possibility to take a look at the operation of foreign companies, for which the commercialization of research results is very important. They meet the entrepreneurs and representatives of venture capital and enrich their ideas on scientific research.

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