On the 17th of March 2017, the General Assembly of the Polish Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics was held at the Institute of Aviation. The assembly was a reporting-electoral meeting – new Managing Board as well as the Audit Committee was elected. For the two consecutive years, the position of the PSAA President was held by the General Director of the Institute of Aviation, prof. Witold Wiśniowski. The newly elected President of the Society is Mr. Paweł Stężycki, Director of the Engineering Design Center. He will stay in this position for the years 2017-2018.

The Managing Board of PSAA, elected for the period of 2017-2018 is comprised of: prof. Mirosław Rodzewicz (Warsaw University of Technology) – Vice-President, prof. Jacek Szumbarski (Warsaw University of Technology) – Treasurer, prof. Andrzej Żyluk (Air Force University of Technology) – Secretary and prof. Zdobysław Goraj (Warsaw University of Technology, Institute of Aviation) – Coordinator for foreign relations.

The assembly was opened by the report on the activity of the PSAA in the years 2016/2017 and the financial report for the previous year. Next, under open voting, the new Managing Board as well as the Audit Committee members were elected.

Last year, the Society awarded with honorary membership two professors from foreign universities – the medal went to prof. Mike Benzakein from the Ohio State University for the long-term cooperation with the Institute of Aviation and his outstanding contribution into the Polish-American cooperation within the field of aviation, and to prof. Ray Whitford from Cranfield University for his active participation in  RRDPAE and READ conferences as well as devoted support and promotion of PSAA abroad. Director Paweł Stężycki made a short presentation of Prof. Benzakein’sprofessional bio and gave details of the ceremony of handing the PSAA medal to prof. Benzakein during the 2016 EASN Conference in Porto.

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