The 133th session of the General Assembly of the Polish Academy of Sciences was held on 1st December 2016 at the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw.

Members of the meeting took part in a scientific panel under the title: “Scientific research and the space industry in Poland”. The chairman of the panel was professor Piotr Wolański, who also held a title of the chairman of the Committee on Space and Satellite Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences and is also associated with the Institute of Aviation for years. The papers in this panel were delivered by professor Piotr Wolański ( “Polish contribution to space research”) and dr Marta Wachowicz, the director of the Department for Strategy and International Cooperation at POLSA ( “The aerospace industry in Poland”).

During the meeting, elections were organized by the national members of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the members of the Academy of Young Scientists. The Institute of Aviation also took part in the exhibition “Polish participation in space research”. The invited guests could see the ILR-33 “Amber” sounding rocket, which is still under implementation at the Space Technologies Department at the Institute of Aviation. The additional opportunity was to see satellites models and research programs showcased by the Space Research Centre of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

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