On 30 October 2019 in Brussels a meeting of ACARE General Assembly members was held with
the participation of the Polish representative in this organization – Director of the Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Aviation, Paweł Stężycki, PhD Eng.

ACARE – Advisory Council for Aviation Research and Innovation in Europe is the most important advisory body of the European Union in the aeronautics sector. Members of the organization cooperate with each other in order to develop strategic and technical guidelines for the European Commission, Member States and stakeholders in the field of aeronautics.

ACARE has existed since 2001 and associates European public and private entities – members of ACARE are representatives of the most important entities in the field of strategic aeronautical research – universities, research institutes, industry and EU organizations.  The aim of its members is to develop future solutions in the field of aeronautics and air transport in Europe.

ACARE has developed and is continuously improving its Strategic Roadmap FlightPath 2050 which sets out the strategic orientations and areas for aeronautics that Europe needs to develop to remain a world leader in this field, and to provide an air transport system that meets its social and environmental needs.

ACARE General Assembly meets twice a year to continuously develop short- and long-term actions to achieve the FlightPath 2050 objectives as effectively as possible.

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