2nd October, 2012 a huge live tree stood on stage at the 20 years in Poland anniversary celebration event where GE hosted more than 300 prominent guests, including members of government, GE customers, academia and the Polish media. All gathered to pay tribute to Poland and GE’s partnership at the Copernicus Science Center in Warsaw. Having arrived as a pioneering sapling two decades ago, GE is ready to continue to play a leading role in Poland’s technological and innovative revolution.

The tree symbolized that GE’s roots are firmly planted in Poland, where it has grown from 1 to 10,000 employees in just 20 years. It also represented a vision of how the company and the country as partners foresee their future in the next twenty years. On arrival each participant was given a ‘paper leaf’ on which they could write messages about GE and Poland’s future. These messages of goodwill were tied to the tree to symbolize common growth. The tree also referred to GE’s Ecomagination initiative, which drives the use of eco friendly technology deployment and development.

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