On 30th June 2010 in Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw, took place celebration of 10th anniversary of cooperation between Institute of Aviation and General Electric. At the event were present, Jeff Immelt, President and CEO of GE, and Waldemar Pawlak, Deputy PM.

Among other guests were: Jeanne Rosario – Vice President of GE, Witold Wiśniowski – Director of Institute of Aviation, Magdalena Nizik – EDC Managing Director, Maria Bianca Tolomello – GE Gas & Oil, John Lamas – GE Energy.

“GE is a strategic partner for the Warsaw Institute of Aviation. This cooperation fulfils our expectations of services on the global research market. The last ten years constitutes gradual rise of employment, development of engineers` capabilities and new investments. Briefly, it is exactly what every research center dreams of” said the Managing Director of Warsaw Institute of Aviation, Witold Wiśniowski.
During the first part of the event, after the grand opening which was held by Witold Wiśniowski and Magdalena Nizik, on the scene entered invited guests from General Electric: Jeanne Rosario, Maria Bianca Tolomello and John Lamas. In their speeches, they were stressing great cooperation with the Institute of Aviation, and the effect of this cooperation – foundation of Engineering Design Center in Warsaw, 10 years ago. They were also accenting great infrastructure and highest level of polish engineers, who are among the best in the world. The symbol of this regard, was the presentation of the awards for the best EDC engineers. The first part ended with the concert of The Engineers Band, after which guests went for the press conference.
The culmination of the second part was presentation of the Bene Merito award for Jeff Immelt, which was held by Deputy PM, Waldemar Pawlak, who said:

„As the Deputy PM of Poland I am proud to be here to celebrate the EDC that has grown both in size and profile in the past ten years. It is a great example of partnering to do high value-added activites the Polish government welcomed back then and continues to support”.

In his speech, Waldemar Pawlak also mentioned how positive impact on the polisch economy this cooperation between Institute of Aviation and General Electric has. He also insisted that this cooperation should be an example for the other shis kind of projects in Poland.
“Building on the legacy of the Polish aviation industry and combining it with GE’s global expertise has proven to be a beneficial collaboration for both parties for mutual growth. In 10 years time, we have created one of GE’s major state-of-the-art engineering facility working on technologies that serve global trends for our key businesses like aviation, energy and oil&gas” said Jeff Immelt, President and CEO of GE. He also presented the EDC Management Award for Leszek Rzeszutek.
At the end of the event, Jeff Immelt recived special gift from the Institute of Aviation – painting of Marek Okrassa titled “Stairs on the beach”. The very last point of the event was presentation and testing of birthday cake.

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