Association of European Research Establishments in Aeronautics EREA has been in existence since 1994 and is Europe’s largest, most influential and recognizable organization of aeronautics researchers and scientists. It consists of 15 major European research institutes. EREA brings together experts in the fields of aerodynamics, materials and structures, flight mechanics, propulsion, acoustics, avionics, flight testing, modeling and simulation, environment, safety and security, ATM and many others.

EREA is a not-profit organization dedicated to promoting the collective interests of its members, enhancing cooperation between the members of the Association and greater integration of their civil aviation, military and space research activities, as well as the intensification of EREA’s cooperation with other aeronautics stakeholders, from industry and academia. EREA’s research and development activities are mostly carried out within the frame of TRLs 4-6.

EREA has also developed its flagship programme called Future Sky, which is a response to the goals and objectives of ACARE (Advisory Council for Aeronautics Research in Europe) outlined in the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) of Flight Path 2050.

The research establishments associated within EREA also participate in many EU-funded projects, eg. JTIs Clean Sky or SESAR.

The Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Aviation has been a member of the EREA for almost 10 years. The Institute has representants in all the EREA working groups: Aviation Research Group (ARG) and Security Research Group (SRG), Future Sky Group, Security for Aviation Group, EREA Board and EREA Executive Secretariat.

In January 2022, the EREA Board elected Paweł Steżycki, Director of Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Aviation, as the Chairman of EREA for two-year term of office.

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