Dear Friends,

On 1st August 2014 we commemorate the 70th anniversary of Warsaw Uprising.

We want to thank to all the brave pilots, navigators and other crew members from Australia, Canada, Great Britain, Republic of South Africa and the United States who 70 years ago risked – and also gave – their lives making discharges for Warsaw insurgents. They flew thousands of kilometers to help dying people.

These 63 days – from 1st August 1944 to 3rd October 1944 – were the hardest for many Polish people who suffered hunger and pain. The mission of your pilots was to resupply the insurgents and civilians with food and weapons.

We asked Polish people, including also the Polish media, politicians and others, to share with their friends – and also with you –a special message in Polish or English which they can send via Facebook and Twitter:

Name and surname of the airplane crew member – Thank you #flight44

In Polish:

Imię i nazwisko członka załogi samolotu – Dziękuję #lot44

The hashtags #flight44 and #lot44 refer to the date of the outbreak of the Warsaw Uprising.

We prepared the list of crew members of the planes which were downed during the uprising. In Warsaw there are a few commemorative plates on the building fronts and monuments in parks and streets which are meant to honor their memory. On the Polish version of our website we also prepared a map on which we tagged those places so that the Polish people who stay in Warsaw can pay a tribute to the heroes.

Our social media action has two goals:
– to revive the memory of these brave men among Polish people
– to thank you and your countrymen for the help on those days.

We believe that the bravery of those people will never be forgotten.

One more time
– Thank you.

Institute of Aviation

List of crew members (on Polish website)

Our social media:
Institute of Aviation
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