On 12 July 2016 the internship of French students from the INSA Centre Val de Loire was finished. The internship was realized in the Division of Transport and Energy Conversion in the Department of Transport.

Anisse Saimi and Quentin Weiler were under the care of Paweł Skalski, PhD Eng. The students realized major works related to the magnetorheological materials and structures for aviation use. During the internship they had a chance to get acquainted with the nature of scientific work, the research laboratories, the history and the mission of the Institute of Aviation.

Part of the internship was completed at the Warsaw University of Technology, where they participated in the works of one of the laboratories at the Department of Automotive and Construction Machinery. The arrival to Poland was for them also a great opportunity to get to know the Polish culture and customs.

On the occasion of the internship completion the students were given commemorative books and merchandise with the logo of the Institute of Aviation.

French students

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