On 19-20th May 2016, the Institute of Aviation became the venue for the 34th EREA Board and General Assembly. EREA (Association of European Research Establishments in Aeronautics), is a non-profit organization, associating European national research institutes from the field of aeronautics. Institute of Aviation is also a member of this organization. The meeting was focused on the topic of European research and innovation for the global aerospace until 2050.

The EREA Board meeting started with an open seminar and the presentations made by the following speakers: Witold Wiśniowski – director of the Institute of Aviation, Rafał Kajka – deputy direktor of the Institute of Aviation, Bruno Sainjon – chair of EREA Association, Cezary Błaszczyk – National Centre for Research and Development, Marek Banaszkiewicz – chair of Polish Space Agency, Piotr Wolański – chair of Committee on Space and Satellite Research, Polish Academy of Sciences, Zdobysław Goraj – Warsaw University of Technology, Konrad Kozaczuk – director of Center for Composite Technologies, Institute of Aviation, and Krzysztof Piwek – Institute of Aviation.

During the meeting speakers discussed the status of Future Sky programme, initiated by EREA, which covers four aspects: safety, quiet air transport, air transport integration and energy. Future Sky is based on the alignment of national institutional research for aviation by setting up joint research programmes to ensure technological development to the benefit of European society and industry.

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