Library of the Institute of Aviation is a top library among aviation libraries in Poland. With great pleasure we want to inform that in its resources, among other important works, readers can find unique book – Encyclopedia of Aerospace Engineering in 9 volumes.

The Encyclopedia of Aerospace Engineering represents a major publishing initiative to establish a high quality, carefully coordinated reference work that will enhance education, training and research in this complex and demanding field. Coverage ranges from core disciplines such as electrical and electronic engineering, mechanical engineering and physics, to advanced materials, digital technology and environmental science, all of which have an ever-increasing, interactive role in modern air and spacecraft design.

The Encyclopedia provides an unparalleled exposition of essential scientific concepts and their application to current engineering practice, laying a foundation for further research and study in specialist publications. Extensive and up-to-date cross-referencing enhance the value of this monumental work and will ensure its unique contribution to the engineering literature.

Encyclopedia is available in reading room of the Library of the Institute of Aviation. Information about working hours of the library can be found here.

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