Misja gospodarcza w Izraelu

On January 27-30, 2019, a Polish economic mission to Israel (Tel Aviv) took place in order to establish a partnership between Polish and Israeli entities operating in the space sector. The Institute of Aviation was represented by Mariusz Kacprzak, head of the Remote Sensing Department. The event was attended by representatives of eight Polish entities and six Israeli entities. The event was organized by the Polish Space Agency (POLSA) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The economic mission was an opportunity to learn about current trends in the space industry.

Apart from the main goal, which was to establish contacts with Israeli entities, representatives of Polish companies had the opportunity to learn about the functioning of laboratories at IAI and participated in The 14th Ilan Ramon International Space Conference. Important representatives of the European space sector were invited, including the President of ESA and the Director of the Copernicus observation programme. The most important speeches concerned the potential of satellite data: From Space Data in to Information for Business. During the conference, the organizers placed great emphasis on the presentation and promotion of the SpaceIL lander (informally known as Sparrow), which this year will be launched into space. If it lands successfully on the moon, Israel will become the fourth nation to do so. If the mission is successful, the company will receive the Google Lunar X Prize.

It is worth mentioning that Israel and entities from this country are very active in creating modern solutions in the field of Earth observation and automation (space technologies, Earth observation and UAV).

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