On 4 April 2018, the Institute for Market, Consumption and Business Cycles Research and the Mikromakro Institute Foundation organized, under the patronage of the Polish Chamber of Unmanned Systems, a conference entitled “Drones in the city. U-Space consultancy”. The head of the Remote Sensing Division of the Institute of Aviation – Mariusz Kacprzak took part in it, giving a speech entitled “Low-ceiling photogrammetry supports urban development”. The goal of the whole meeting was to disseminate knowledge about the U-Space concept among entrepreneurs and local government officials.

The U-Space concept, i.e. a plan for managing drone movements at altitudes up to 150 meters, was proposed by the European Commission and is addressed to both private and public sectros. According to the European Union, the airspace in the near future will be just, as crowded as today’s city streets, which is why Local Government Units should analyze their spatial development plans, geoinformation resources and Smart Cities strategies, so that they are able to meet the requirements.

The conference was divided into two sessions. In the session one “Are they flying or not flying?” following topics were discussed: presence of drones in Polish airspace, “Żwirko i Wigura” program implemented on the initiative of Strategy for Responsible Development, directions of U-Space development and local government policy towards drones. Session two “Examples of applications” included papers dealing with specific applications of drones in such areas as: rescue, thermovision, air quality testing and management verification. Also in this part the head of the Remote Sensing Division of the Institute of Aviation – Mariusz Kacprzak gave his presentation. The work “Low-ceiling photogrammetry supports urban development” was based on the idea and implementation process of the Smart City program and brought closer the use of drones in cities in such areas as: geomarketing, GIS/SIP (including the creation of various thematic layers, analysis of buffer zones or shadow analysis), monitoring and 3D modeling.

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