The Applied Vehicle Technology (AVT) Awards Committee has chosen Dr Wojciech Potkanski to receive an AVT Panel Excellence Award. The award was given during the 35th Conference Plenary Panel at the University of Rzeszow on April, 21-24.

In 1999 the Ministry of National Defense appointed Dr Wojciech Potkanski to AVT NATO Panel. In over 15 years of his activity Dr Potkanski has actively participated in several technical projects to those which he got involved the Institute of Aviation teams (active air chassis, nonlinear flutter, small satellites). He has been a Panel Mentor on AVT-145 and a Co-Chairman of AVT-170. In addition, he has edited the AVT-092 document (Qualification by Analysis), in which the chapter on air chassis has been written by specialists of the Institute of Aviation.

He has played also a strong supporting role in the organization of both of the AVT Panel Business Meetings held in Poland in 2003 and 2015.

The AVT Panel Excellence Award has been given to Dr Potkanski by Mike Huggins – Chairman of the AVT NATO Panel.

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