On 20 March, 2017 the Institute of Aviation saw the doctoral dissertation defence of Jarosław Kończak, MSc. Eng. titled: “The method for determining indicators of reliability for military vehicles operated intermittently”. The doctoral advisor was Krzysztof Szafran, Dr Habil. Eng. and auxiliary doctoral advisor – Paweł Głowacki, PhD Eng.

The Doctoral Thesis Committee took a decision to ask the Scientific Council of the Institute of Aviation to confer the academic degree of Doctor of Technical Sciences to Jarosław Kończak, MSc. Eng.

For the first time, the Scientific Council of the Institute of Aviation will consider conferring a degree to a PhD student from outside the Institute. Jarosław Kończak is a full-time engineer at the Military Institute of Armored and Automotive Technology.

Doctoral advisor:  Krzysztof Szafran, Dr Habil. Eng. Institute of Aviation

Auxilliary doctoral advisor:  Paweł Głowacki, PhD Eng.,  Institute of Aviation

Doctoral Thesis Committee:

  • Roman Domański, Prof. Dr Habil. Eng. – chairman
  • Maciej Bossak, Prof. Dr Habil. Eng.
  • Piotr Wolański, Prof. Dr Habil. Eng.
  • Kazimierz Szumański, Prof. Dr Habil. Eng.
  • Grzegorz Socha, Dr Habil. Eng.
  • Witold Wiśniowski, Dr Habil. Eng.
  • Cezary Szczepański, Dr Habil. Eng.


  • Bogdan Żółtowski, Prof. Dr Habil. , Dr honoris causa, University of Technology and Life Sciences in Bydgoszcz
  • Wiesław Barnat, Dr Habil. Eng., Profesor of Military Academy of Technology
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