On March 25, 2017 the Institute of Aviation witnessed a doctoral dissertation defense of Borys Łukasik, MSc. Eng. titled: “Analysis of the possibility of using full-electric, hybrid and turbo-electric technologies for future aircraft propulsion systems, in terms of mission energy consumption, NOx/CO2 emission and noise reduction”. The doctoral advisors were Witold Wiśniowski, Dr Habil. Eng., Professor and Director of the Institute of Aviation and Assistant Vice President for Aerospace and Aviation of the Ohio State University Prof. Meyer J. Benzakein.

The Doctoral Thesis Committee took a decision to ask the Scientific Council of the Institute of Aviation to confer the academic degree to Borys Łukasik, MSc. Eng in the discipline of Construction and Operation of Machines and to distinguish his doctoral thesis.

It is noteworthy to mention that the Doctoral Thesis Committee decided to distinguish the doctoral student with the highest majority of votes (97%) for the first time in history of conferring the doctoral title at the Institute of Aviation.

Borys Łukasik, PhD, is a full-time engineer at the Center of Transportation and Energy Conversion (Institute of Aviation).

First doctoral advisor:  Witold Wiśniowski, Dr Habil. Eng., Professor of the Institute of Aviation

Second doctoral advisor:  Prof. Meyer J. Benzakein, PhD Eng.,  Ohio State University

Doctoral Thesis Committee:

  • Zdobysław Goraj, Prof. Dr Habil. Eng. – chairman
  • Roman Domański, Prof. Dr Habil. Eng.
  • Maciej Bossak, Prof. Dr Habil. Eng.
  • Adam Wiśniewski, Prof. Dr Habil. Eng.
  • Piotr Wolański, Prof. Dr Habil. Eng.
  • Cezary Galiński, Dr Habil. Eng.
  • Cezary Szczepański, Dr Habil. Eng.


  • Marek Orkisz, Prof. Dr Habil. Eng., Rzeszow University of Technology
  • Andrzej Żyluk, Prof. Dr Habil. Eng., Air Force Institute of Technology
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