Director of the Łukasiewicz-Institute of Aviation elected Vice Chairman of EREA


On November 17, 2020, during the 43rd meeting of the EREA (European Research Establishments in Aeronautics) Association, of which Łukasiewicz-Instytut Lotnictwa is a member, the Institute’s director, Paweł Stężycki, PhD was elected Vice Chairman of EREA Board. The decision was taken unanimously and was the result of the nomination of Director Stężycki for his contribution and work for the initiatives and activities of EREA. The term of office begins at the beginning of 2021 and will be the first one granted to the Łukasiewicz-Institute of Aviation representative.

As vice-chairman, director Paweł Stężycki will represent the EREA association and will also supervise the results of work in task groups.

– It is a great honor for me, but I would like to emphasize that it is also the result of the joint work of the entire team at Łukasiewicz-Institute of Aviation. We have been a member of EREA for over 10 years and operate in many working groups, such as: TRIG (Technical Research Infrastructure Group), ARG (Aviation Research Group), SRG (Security Research Group), Future Sky Group and Security for Aviation Group. Therefore, I am glad that, as the Institute, we will have the opportunity to deepen this cooperation also within the structures managing the work of EREA – says director Paweł Stężycki.

The current chairman, Mr. Michael Peters, Director General of the NRL (Royal Netherlands Aerospace Center) remained the EREA chairman for 2021.

The European Research Establishments in Aeronautics (EREA) association has existed since 1994 and is the largest, most influential and recognizable organization in Europe for researchers and scientists in the field of aeronautics. It consists of 15 of the most important research institutes from Europe. EREA brings together groups of experts in the fields of aerodynamics, materials and structures, flight mechanics, propulsion, acoustics, avionics, flight testing, modeling and simulation, environmental protection, security, airports and many others.

EREA is a non-profit organization and aims to promote the common interests of its members, increase cooperation between the members of the association, greater integration of their activities in the field of civil and military aviation and space research, as well as intensify the cooperation of EREA with other entities in the field of aeronautics – industry and academia. EREA’s research and development activities and projects are mostly carried out at 4-6 technological readiness levels (TRL).

EREA is also the originator and implementer of the Future Sky project, which is a response to the assumptions and goals set by ACARE (Advisory Council for Aeronautics Research in Europe) in the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) contained in the document Flight Path 2050.

The institutes associated with EREA also take part in many EU-funded projects, such as JTIs Clean Sky or SESAR.

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