Polish beneficiaries of the Young Graduate Trainee internship program of the European Space Agency met Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Jadwiga Emilewicz during the celebration day of the five-year anniversary of Poland’s presence in the European Space Agency that was held at the Ministry of Economic Development. The event was organized by the Industrial Development Agency and the Polish Space Professionals Association.

It is worth mentioning that three out of eleven participants of the program are now employees of the Center of Space Technologies at the Institute of Aviation.

Ewa Majewska, Tomasz Noga and Adam Okniński gained the engineering experience during their work for the European Space Agency in ESTEC, which involved carrying out contracts for the leading companies in the UK, Austria and the Netherlands.After that they decided to come back to Poland.

Minister Jadwiga Emilewicz encouraged choosing a similar career path and using the experience gained in Western Europe to achieve ambitious goals in Polish institutions.

Ewa Majewska, Tomasz Noga and Adam Okniński are currently working on projects of ESA and of the National Centre for Research and Development on innovative rocket technologies.

Photos courtesy of Industrial Development Agency JSC.

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