The first public defence of the doctoral dissertation of M.Sc.Eng. Włodzimierz Gnarowski titled “Method for improving the maneuverability of a top-wing monoplane” took place on 17 November. The Doctoral Thesis Committee adopted the request for conferment of the academic degree of Doctor of Technical Sciences in a secret ballot and informed the doctoral student of submitting the dissertation for a distinction. The supervisor of the doctoral thesis is the Director of the Institute of Aviation – Prof. Witold Wiśniowski, Ph.D. Eng. D.Sc. Eng..

A complex approach under experimental research to solving the problem of improving manoeuvrability of top-wing monoplane was presented in the doctoral dissertation. The methodology was elaborated on the example of the I-22 “Iryda” trainer aircraft. The doctoral student used the results of research conducted during his work in the position of Lead Designer of this aircraft.

The Doctoral Thesis Committee was comprised of the following:

– Prof. PhD Eng. Zdobysław Goraj – Chairman,

– Prof. PhD Eng. Piotr Wolański,

– Prof. PhD Eng. Maciej Bossak,

– Prof. PhD Eng. Roman Domański,

– Prof., Ph.D. Eng. Grzegorz Socha,

– Ph.D. Eng., D.Sc.Eng. Cezary Galiński.

The reviewers of the dissertation were:

– Prof. PhD Eng. Jerzy Lewitowicz,

– Prof. PhD Eng. Aleksander Olejnik.

The Institute of Aviation obtained the right to confer the degree of Doctor of Technical Sciences in 2013.

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