In mid-September 2016 the DART project workshops are planned, whose aim will be to discuss the concept of small aircraft transport with its potential users.

Therefore, we ask all interested to complete a survey that would allow us to assess the legitimacy of the system concept. Surveys should be sent by e-mail: until 10 September 2016. The Direct AiR Transportation project (DART) is a study of the feasibility of implementation of the transportation system for small 4-19 seated  planes. The potential benefits of the use of small aircraft are:

  • Reduce the time of the delegation,
  • More efficient use of time,
  • Reduction of the costs (accommodation, business expenses),
  • Increased network of airports (over 50, instead of the current 15).

The possibility of reducing the cost of flights with the increased scale of operations consist in:

  • Reducing the number of empty flights from client’s location to his or her destination.
  • Increasing the number of passengers on the plane and sharing trip costs among several clients (in the air- taxi 1 customer rents a plane).
  • Increasing the number of flights during a year and consequently a reduction of fixed costs and the cost of flight hour.

Project website:

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