The Institute of Aviation and Civil Aviation Office signed a cooperation agreement aimed at developing and ensuring the high security level of civil aviation in Poland.

The cooperation will include information exchange, professional evaluation and creation of proper conditions for a safe and economic civil aviation activity. The agreement was signed on April, 8th between Witold Wiśniowski, Director of the Institute of Aviation and Piotr Ołowski, President of the Civil Aviation Office.

Under the agreement, the Civil Aviation Office will provide the Institute of Aviation with an access to information from ACAM and ECCAIRS databases. This access will allow to fulfill  the obligations of this cooperation. These include presentation of possible list of parameters essential for national air security for general and mercantile aviation under the National Security Program in Civil Aviation, proposals to define safety levels for the parameters approved by the CAO and proposals for risk assessment model for supervising aviation organizations. The agreement will be valid until the end of 2015.

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